2020 Predictions

17th February 2020

Last year the Subsidium team did pretty well at predicting the direction of the Mobility Industry. Let’s see how we get on this year.

Post Brexit mobile estate

With Brexit here, we could see the increase of companies based across multiple countries having to separate their UK fleet with potential new laws and regulations coming in after Brexit.

Evolution of GDPR

GDPR has been in place for 18 months now and being practiced by businesses at various levels. With this we will see a rise in companies taking on EMM for greater data protection.

Samsung vs Apple

The battle between Samsung and Apple will rise with newer models hitting the market trying to bring new features that can benefit the Enterprise market as well as satisfying the consumer market, along with the introduction of the 5G Network.

Rise of IoT

The ability to manage additional ‘devices’ that would normally be static using control/management platforms like that of an EMM solution. Companies will start to adopt these technologies and having the management all in one pane of glass will be very important to companies who are looking to become early adopters.

Wearable technology

This will become more popular across mobile/field roles in businesses, aimed at people that are always on the go but need to stay notified of updates throughout their working day.

We also believe more apps will become readily available for wearable technology, limiting the times you have to unlock your phone to action a notification on your smart watch. This technology needs to be managed for a working environment. So perhaps this is the next step for EMM in 2020.


We believe that ‘Foldable’ devices will become more prevalent in the market however in the early days, price point will most likely put many off and leave the early adopters to test it out in the mainstream.

The end of MWC?

This year has seen Mobile World Congress cancelled for unforeseen reasons but will this have a knock on effect on the following years? As a visitor and exhibitor in the past, it really is a great display of new and upcoming tech, however when companies like Samsung announce new devices during the Superbowl, effectively removing the need for their ‘Unpacked’ event, will more people just wait until their favourite brands tweet, advertise or blog about their new releases?

iOS to open up control

We think 2020 will see Apple open up iOS further to give greater control via EMM platforms more in line with Android control. However, there will still be a long way to go for iOS to reach the same levels of control for the customer as there is over Android.

The need for support

Subsidium has seen fantastic growth over the last 2 years, and with full control and security over their assets of paramount importance to businesses, this isn’t going to slow down. It looks like EMM will be a key part of every medium to large businesses in the near future. With this in mind, we can see business turning to experts in EMM to manage their fleet rather than fully managing in house.

Return of the sweets!

Henry believes 2020 will also see a return to Android sweet naming convention. He’s rooting for Reese’s!