Getting Started

15th July 2020

Lewis – Mobility Support Engineer – shares his experience as the Subsidium newbie.

Starting a new position can be daunting for any person, even more so during a global pandemic. I, like many others across the UK, was experiencing this hurdle for the very first time in our lifetime. However, as daunting as it may be business’ and their employees have been evolving and adapting the new way of working as a duck to water.

This evolution of day to day working has been taken onboard very well across the country to maintain safety and compliance to the Government guidelines. I have experienced first-hand the increase in demand and requirement for mobility, which has allowed for me to build my knowledge and led to me becoming more confident in supporting companies’ and their new requirements and how best we can provide their fulfilment in a prompt and efficient manner.

Furthermore, with an increased requirement for mobility across different sectors I have seen many companies turn to EMM platforms to help manage and maintain their fleet of enterprise devices. Coupled with working closely with the Subsidium team has allowed me to be trained in more than just one platform, allowing me to be able to support a wider range of products than I had in previous projects/roles.

It has been an interesting couple of months at Subsidium but within those two months it has allowed me to take a holistic approach, drawing on my previous IT and Mobile network experience to be able to offer our customers a greater and more defined wrap-around service. Additionally, with this growth and development of myself and the team we have been able to pull together our strengths and further move forward within this sector and progress into others.

The future is bright the future is Orange Subsidium