Give them a device they know and love. iPhone 7 for business.

7th November 2018

Choosing a device for your business and team is difficult. So why not stick to the device they know and love. There are 1.3 million iOS devices live around the world, so it’s time consider an iPhone for business.

Ok, so cost! We hear you! Considering deploying the new iPhone XS or even last year’s iPhone X is without a doubt expensive, the devices even for B2B are in excess of £800 multiply that by the number on your team and instantly we know the answer.

At Subsidium MS we believe that the iPhone 7 is the answer to your business needs. As it is operating on the new iOS 12.1 it has all the security features you need to keep your data safe (we haven’t forgotten about GDPR, just yet!).

Enroll your new iPhone 7’s into Apple’s DEP (Device Enrollment Programme) and VPP (Volume Purchase Programme) and you’ll have a device that has only the apps you need, a customised corporate background, with no need to create individual Appstore accounts. Complete with the ability to lock and locate it should it be lost and stolen, your device is business ready and secure.

Your new iPhone 7’s will be up and running instantly, your team will be productive using a device they know and love and you will be ecstatic knowing your data is safe and your team are happy.

We can deploy before the end of the year, so go on, why not give your team a gift you know they’ll love.