OK Google, what is Mobile Device Management (MDM)?

13th November 2017

At a recent Google Digital Garage skills workshop, we learnt about answerthepublic.com, a consumer insight tool that breaks down exactly what people are searching for in Google and Bing! Back at the office we decided to take some time to find out what people asking about ‘mobile device management’. Why? To help us, help you.

Answerthepublic.com shares a breakdown of Google and Bing auto-suggest searches. Results are returned in several categories; questions, prepositions, comparisons, alphabetical and related. It is a great insight into what you really want to know when researching mobile device management.

Results in the question section really got us thinking. Broken down into:

  • Who
  • What
  • Where
  • When
  • Why
  • How
  • Are
  • Will
  • Can
  • Which


The team had a wager on which one of the key terms would have the greatest search hits. No surprise, ‘What’ came out on top, dominating more than 1/3 of all searches. Interestingly, where, when and who have no search hits, reinforcing a key point about Mobile Device Management: it has no spatial or time constraints. But before we get ahead of ourselves, ‘What’ are we going to do with this information? We’ve decided to answer the question burning everyone’s finger tips:

‘What is Mobile Device Management?’

Put simply, mobile device management (MDM) is an administrative area to allow you to

  • Deploy
  • Configure
  • Secure
  • Monitor
  • Manage

Your team’s smartphones and tablets. It is a software, that allows a one stop location for asset-inventory, over the air configuration of email, apps and WIFI, remote lock, locate and wipe capabilities.

So, if your team uses mobile devices both inside and outside the office mobile device management offers you the ability to manage the experience of your employee from the first day of deployment, to the device’s end of life.