Onwards and Upwards!

15th January 2021

Callum – Customer Support Executive – tells us about the first few months of life with Subsidium

So, 2020 was an interesting year to say the least. By June I found myself in a similar position to many people across the UK – facing redundancy and the prospect of finding a new job in a market that was in rapid decline. Despite those hurdles I found myself joining the Subsidium team and as the newest member I wanted to share my perspective and what I’ve learned over the last few months.

I came into the mobility industry with no prior experience. Certainly, I had skills that carried over from previous roles, but this was new territory for me. The team at Subsidium made me feel welcome from day 1 despite the daunting career change. In my first few weeks at Subsidium I didn’t stop asking questions – having a “no such thing as a stupid question” attitude helps tremendously when training new people and making them feel welcomed, and that is embodied here. I always felt like my personal development was the priority – and as my own skills develop, I am better able to support our customers and their requirements in this new remote world.

Overall, 2020 was a bit of a roller coaster for me personally, but I can say I ended the year better than I started it. I can’t say I know what is coming in 2021 but I am looking forward to continuing my development in this role, and working more closely with the rest of the team.