Leading the way in the channel

The only true channel focused EMM partner delivering fully managed EMM and fulfilment

Best in Class Enterprise Mobility. Management by Subsidium

Subsidium become your complete Mobility Partner supporting platforms from the leading EMM providers, as well as enrollment platforms from Apple, Google, and Samsung

Monthly licencing

Subsidium offer monthly licencing across all of our supported EMM platforms and always look to match your airtime agreement so you aren’t left with unwanted EMM licences after a mobile contract ends. This also enables you to provide EMM to customers that you don’t have the airtime for

Flex up, flex down

In an ideal world, all our customers grow when they work with us, however we know that isn’t always the case and often, downsizing was never in the plan. So Subsidium provide a flex up, flex down offering meaning that if a customer is forced to downsize, or have to make redundancies, you or they aren’t stuck with licences you had to buy for 12, 24 or even 36 months and can reduce it down to the number they actually need

2 Hour SLA

If a customer has an issue with their mobile device or the software or apps on it, they come to you expecting a resolution instantly. Networks and EMM providers usually have 24-48 hour SLA’s, meaning the customer could be waiting days and even weeks for simple issues to be resolved. Subsidium work on a 2 hour SLA and currently run at a first ‘personal’ response time of sub 10 minutes, meaning you reach an expert and get your issues resolved before our/your competition has even read the initial email


We fully set up all of your devices, including enrollment to your EMM portal, installing business applications, attaching accessories, PIN codes, SIM cards and anything else needed for deployment to run smoothly


Management & Support

We are available 24/7 to completely manage the day-to-day running of your EMM solution giving you ultimate peace of mind, leaving you to run your business more efficiently
What we do


All in the

Ensure your Android devices are configured according to your organisation’s requirements


Device Enrollment Program

Streamline largescale deployments and enforce management of your corporately owned devices


For any size business

Android can easily enrol your company’s devices at scale. Choose secure deployment options from QR codes, NFC or the latest in zero touch enrollment


Automated MDM/EMM enrollment

Automatically provision corporate devices and enroll them to your MDM/EMM during initial setup process and even after factory reset