Review of 2019 Predictions

13th February 2020

Last year the team made some predictions of what we thought we’d see happen in the Mobile and Mobility Industry. Let’s see how we got on.

A rise in business developing their own apps

2019 saw us talking with more customers about applications than ever before, although growth in this area is a slow burner. However, with SOTI Snap bringing ease and speed to app development, we see this be a major force in 2020. We have recently created several applications to solve some internal problems, including data capture at events, meeting notes at business meetings and taking stock takes.

Increased use of devices in the health sector

We saw a 140% growth in our Healthcare licences in 2019 and Healthcare now covers 30% of our entire licence count, so yes we did see a huge growth in this sector. Healthcare is a vertical that is really starting to embrace mobile technology and I don’t see this dropping anytime soon.

Apple releases a new device

Well of course they did! However, 2019 saw Apple launch their largest-ever device in the iPhone 11 Pro Max and a diverse range of colours in the iPhone XR as well as new storage models. I think it’s safe to say this prediction will be true every year but it is exciting to see what technology Apple will bring to the table in the years to come.

Rise in Managed EMM

EMM is finally becoming more mainstream in the Mobile Telecommunications industry meaning there are a lot of customers out there with a brand new solution that they don’t know the full potential of. With this in mind, we have definitely found that more and more of these customers are leaning on Partners like ourselves to offer exactly what they need – SUPPORT! Subsidium offer highly competitive licence only EMM, however, our unrivalled Fully Managed solution has proven to be a huge success with customers and Partners alike.

Growth in API’s

Now we don’t want to shout too much about this yet but at Subsidium we have been implementing API’s internally to speed up our internal processes and become more efficient, meaning we can deliver more in less time and really expand on the services we offer our customers.

Increase in businesses adopting Apple for Business

Now this is 100% true. Apple has always been popular at certain levels of a business, mainly Director and Management level, but we are starting to see an increase of Apple devices for all staff members. With this in mind, companies still want to have control over the devices whilst maintaining productivity, and Apple For Business is the perfect solution to achieve this. At Subsidium, we don’t sell a single device that isn’t compatible with Apple For Business as we don’t see a reason for a company to have Apple kit and not want it secure.

Rise in subscription model.

We found this to be true with only one of our customers in 2019 opting to buy anything other than monthly licences and support from us. However, we are aware that many of our competitors are not promoting this and selling 1, 2 and even 3-year licences. I see the benefit for the reseller but not for the customer as they are, firstly massively out of pocket instantly, and secondly potentially stuck with unwanted licenses if they don’t reach the figure they initially purchased.

At Subsidium we fully understand the mobile industry and realise that EMM licenses are only needed on devices a customer has and for the time period of the mobile contract. Sometimes this is exactly 24 months, however a lot of the time it isn’t. With this in mind, we provide monthly licensing to customers and partners with a flex up, flex down policy to ensure they have the freedom to grow (all Subsidium licenses are co-terminus) but also have the peace of mind they can reduce licences if the need to do so ever rises.

An explosion of zero-touch.

Well, I know this to be true and at Subsidium, we try and make it the only option. Apple, Google and Samsung offer fantastic solutions for zero-touch and as key partners to all three, Subsidium is here to support anyone that needs to utilise these services.

Android Enterprise as a standard.

It has to be! Google has reduced/removed support for what they call Device Admin (Android Plus to anyone in the SOTI world) meaning Android Enterprise should be your only option. Subsidium have been AE only for nearly 2 years now in preparation for this and this has stood us in great stead as we are offering unrivalled Android support in the market and allowing our Android customers to not feel like they have no options (let’s be honest, 2 years ago, if you were Android, you felt you had to be Samsung) but can effectively benefit from any Android device across all price and specifications.

Q is for Quiche

Well, Henry was so wrong on this one that Android moved away from naming their OS versions as confectionary and moved to the old fashioned style of numbering. Maybe next time Henry.