Samsung Knox Mobile Enrollment (KME)

Bulk Device Enrollment

Knox Deployment Program

Enrol thousands of Samsung devices to your enterprise at once

Automated MDM/EMM sign-in

Automatically sign in to EMM agents with user credentials provided by IT admin.

Multiple MDM/EMM configurations

Manage multiple EMM profiles for different EMMs and different enrollment settings.

Almost all MDM/EMM solutions supported

Knox Mobile Enrollment works with almost all EMM services available in the market.

Wide range of device models supported

Knox Mobile Enrollment is available on any Samsung Galaxy devices with Android Lollipop or greater.

Automated MDM/EMM enrollment

Automatically provision corporate devices and enrol them to your EMM during initial setup process and even after factory reset.

Streamlined device setup process

Skip unwanted setup steps, such as Google/Samsung/carrier account registration.

Knox Mobile Enrollment

Fast and seamless deployment

Zero-touch deployment service that allows you to quickly enrol large numbers of Samsung devices