SOTI SNAP – Creating business apps without the code!

25th October 2018

Becoming a mobile-first business is top on many companies agendas. Increasing costs and uncertain economic climates can make it difficult to commit to an app development project. To design and implement a custom-made app that will support your business can cost thousands of pounds.

SOTI has risen to the challenge and designed SOTI One a platform that will manage and support all your enterprise mobility and device needs. With the star of the show being SOTI SNAP a simple yet extremely effective app building platform. You can build an app for your businesses without the need to code or have vast technical knowledge.

You can design any app you need, from completing complex forms out in the field, ordering in a restaurant or simply checking off a to-do-list, it can be completely unique, designed to your business needs.

What is great is through the help-desk your employees, the ones who are using the apps can suggest changes and updates to make the design even more effective. Back in the office those design updates can be created and pushed out to all apps without the need for the devices to download the latest version, with NO NEED TO CODE!

Increasingly big businesses are going paperless and deploying apps to make their workforce effective, now all business can access app technology without extensive costs. Say no to code!