The new Pixel 3. One for the office?

10th October 2018

It’s here and with a big soundtrack. Last night Google launched a new set of devices including the new Pixel 3 device. A smart looking smartphone (Well a generic looking smartphone – they all look the same these days!).

For the consumer, it sounds great, promising the ‘best’ camera yet and a bigger screen than other models. Its perfect for getting the right Instagram shot and scrolling through Pinterest. But is there more depth to the device that is retailing at £799? Can you really consider it as a business device?

The Snapdragon 845 processor is part of the model, without being too techy, it has already received quality reviews where its deployed on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Fast is how it is best described.
With the growth of hacking scandals, it will be a relief to hear that the inclusion of the new Titan M security chip. Google says the chip provides “on-device protection for login credentials, disk encryption, app data and the integrity of the operating system2”. Teamed up with a great EMM solution, it provides a secure device. Pixel phones ship with Android 9 Pie, ensuring it will feature on the Android Enterprise Recommended list.

AI enhancements and new software features that bolster the new camera performance, allowing it to continue to the ‘best camera phone’ on the market mantra, this could be great for your team out in the field, perfect for sending images back to customers and the team in the office. A new ‘Night Shot’ mode promises better low-light performance than other smartphones and Google have been brave enough to compare it directly to the iPhone XS, and it does return a higher quality image.

Finally, a unique feature! Pixels 3 introduces a new feature that will allow Google Assistant to screen spam calls and let you decide whether to block a caller or get a reminder to call back later. The phone answers itself and provides a real-time transcription of whatever the suspected spam caller says.

To learn more about how we can enroll your Android Recommended Devices onto SOTI Mobicontrol, head to our Android Enterprise page.