Android Enterprise

The world’s most popular mobile platform, built for business.

Built for Business

Secure, manageable and flexible – Android is ready for work.

Flawless Integration

Android can be deployed into any business setting, across varying roles with multiple layers of security and control with comprehensive management

Fully Protected

Monthly security patches heighten security and repair potential vulnerabilities

Super Collection

Android has given its stamp of approval to over 300 devices from the largest brands

android enterprise

All in the prep

Activate Android devices in seconds so employees can get to work immediately. Ensure your Android devices are configured according to your organisation’s requirements.

Enterprise Level Security

Designed to cover all threats from all locations

Enforce policy controls

Enforce regulations and controls to keep your devices safe

Device level encryption

Encryption is on by default, protecting data until it is accessed by its owner

Around the clock app analysis

Scan and remove Google Play applications that do not meet security regulations