Built for business.
Made to measure.

Android delivers powerful, built-in security and innovative, comprehensive management through the broadest range of devices, empowering businesses to realise a competitive advantage by connecting to mobile workers.

Devices to fit your business

Android device diversity provides the ability to choose the right hardware tailored for your business needs.

Powerful, built-in, always-on security

Android delivers powerful, built-in enterprise security, leveraging Google’s advances in machine learning.

Comprehensive and innovative management

Android has multiple options to manage corporate and employee-owned devices and is powered by the world’s largest application distribution platform.

At the forefront of Google innovation

Android uses the latest Google innovations, from machine learning for virus detection and cloud security to artificial intelligence for smart, contextual assistance.

Around the clock app analysis

Scan and remove Google Play applications that do not meet security regulations.

Zero-touch, zero hassle

With zero-touch enrolment, deploy any number of company-owned devices at once and lock them to your EMM solution for continued management.

Enterprise Level Security.
Safe and sound.

Designed to cover all threats from all locations.

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