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Elevate Your Enterprise Mobility with Unrivalled Management Solutions

As your Mobility Partner, we integrate seamlessly with top EMM providers and tech giants like Apple, Google, and Samsung.

That’s Subsidium SINCERE.

Monthly Licencing Solutions

At Subsidium, we provide monthly licencing options for all our supported EMM platforms. This flexibility also empowers you to offer EMM services to customers, even if you don’t have the corresponding airtime agreement in place. Your convenience and cost-efficiency are at the forefront of our approach.

Flex Up and Flex Down

In the real world of business, we know growth isn’t constant. That’s why at Subsidium, we offer you the freedom to ‘flex up’ or ‘flex down’. So, if you ever need to scale back or grow, you won’t be stuck with licenses you don’t need. Stay agile and pay only for what you use.

2-Hour SLA

When your customers encounter issues with their mobile devices, software, or apps, they want solutions ASAP. Subsidium operates on a lightning-fast 2-hour first response time and first-time resolution, with a current ‘personal’ response time of under 20 minutes.

Experts, Every Time

Whether you need product experts, escalation support, project updates or technical know-how, every time you call or email Subsidium, there will always be an expert on hand to support your query.

We never switch off

When tech troubles disrupt your day, our team is here to swiftly restore your peace of mind.
That’s Subsidium SUPPORT.

21 minutes

is our average
first response time

4 hours

is our average
resolution time

Your perfect partner

We’re the only true channel-focused EMM partner delivering fully-managed EMM and fulfilment.

Let’s get the ball rolling

We’d love to hear from you. Get in touch to find out how we can help you and your business, with a custom-made approach to managing your devices. It’s so easy and it’s all under one roof.